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Insurance Planning

At Paradigm Gilbert Insurance Services, our role is to serve the insurance needs of our corporate & individual clients by providing both consulting & brokerage services

We strive to educate our clients and their other professional advisors on the ever-changing insurance marketplace so they will become knowledgeable & sophisticated insurance consumers

Of course, there is no single solution for every client

Our knowledge and experience is focused in several areas:

We utilize insurance product offerings from over 50 highly rated insurance carriers

We analyze the cost structure of insurance policy designs; look closely at insurance carrier financial strength; focus on the internal rate of return or IRR & look at both guaranteed & current cost assumption approaches

We focus on various insurance options based on risk tolerance, time horizon & ever-changing goals

We follow Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA) guidelines of annual and thorough policy reviews that trustees must follow in their role of fiduciary

So whether you own or are considering life, disability, or long term care insurance on a corporate or individual basis, allow us to access our almost five decades of industry experience to minimize cost & maximize benefits