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Buy/Sell Exit Planning

Every business owner believes their business is worth millions but only a lucky few ever sell their business to an outside third party, a next generation family member or key person and often they don’t have an executable business exit plan in place

 It is mission critical that a buy/sell agreement or business exit strategy be in place before a life event triggers a buyout

You may have a key person or family member qualified to take over your company’s leadership when you are ready to exit.

Paradigm Gilbert consultants can show you how implementing a PRSPlan™ can ‘golden handcuff’ your key person so as to allow for and fund a smooth business transition while maximizing the business’ value for your financial security

So what is your company really worth?

We’ll assist in valuing your business and then create our PRSPlan™ to extract that equity at a surprisingly low cost. In fact, over time, these plans typically increase stockholders’ equity!

Allow our almost five decades of experience to guide you through the process or review the plans you currently have in place